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9am - 4pm, 6 & 7 July 2024

Competitive BBQing at The Great NZ Food Show

This year the Great NZ Food show will feature some exciting competitive BBQing!

For the first time in New Zealand, we will see competitive BBQ teams cooking four different proteins in front of a live crowd to impress the judges and secure the win.

Four of the country’s top BBQ teams will be competing for the title of Grand Champion of the Battle of the MultiQ. The teams competing are Mile Marker 66, The Smoking Meathouse, Cook Cartel and The Four Saucemen and within them are some of the country’s best BBQers.

This will be a demonstration not to miss for those of you who love meat and BBQing it to smokey, delicious, mouthwatering perfection.

For those who want to get more hands on, the experts will also be running a BBQ Masterclass where you can learn to master small cuts like steak and chicken as well as handling the big stuff and cooking the perfect ribs.

The masterclasses will be lead by BBQ professionals Brendan Reisima and Matt Flanagan. Brendan is the 2020 season champion and winner of Meatstock Auckland and he has perfected the art of BBQ. Brendan covers the fundamentals and will help cooks of any level understand some of the nuance of cooking over fire. Matt is the founder of the BBQ channel and comes from a competitive BBQ background. His BBQ skills building channel has helped thousands of people up their game and in his class, you will be able to do the same.

So branch out and learn something new or hone your meat-cooking skills – either way, this display is one not to miss!