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6 & 7 July 2024

Danielle Higgs

Sweeties By Dan

Born and bred in Hamilton, Danielle (Dan for short) is a creative and a lover of food but the two didn't collide until she did a short cake decorating night school where she fell in love with the process of decorating a cake! 

Since then she has continued to develop her skills through many late nights of practice. After creating cakes for two years alongside a full-time job, she took the leap early 2021 to take on Sweeties by Dan full time. 

She is passionate about providing sweet treats that are not only beautiful but delicious too.

Dan's Cake Decorating Masterclass

Saturday 2.00pm & Sunday 9.30am

Dan will be showing you how to stack, fill and decorate a 6" 4 layered cake in her signature Sweeties by Dan colours of pink and white. 

Once you have watched her decorate her cake you'll get to try your hand with the piping tips and decorate 2 pink cupcakes to take home.