30 April - May 2022

2021 Cooking Theatre

Learn how to create your favourite dishes in The Heathcotes Cooking Theatre. Jam-packed full of exciting entertainers this year our line-up includes some of New Zealand's most well-known celebrity chefs and personalities. We will also be profiling the incredible talent we have right here in our region. 

Saturday 1 May

Saturday 9.30am

Oven Braised Vietnamese Pork Ribs, Chilli Caramel and Herb Slaw.

Saturday 10.30am

Spanish Tortilla and Greek Sweet Cheese and Honey Pies. 

Saturday 11.45am

Gnocchi Parisienne with herbs and brown butter. It's cheesy, soft and buttery!

Saturday 12.45pm

A one-pan wander Autumnal Fig + Feta Traybake.

Saturday 2.00pm

Simple no-knead bread that's perfectly crusty, soft and flavourful on the inside. 

Saturday 3.00pm

Indian Spiced Chicken and Chaat Potatoes with condiments. 

Saturday 4.00pm

Put your taste buds into overdrive with their signature Youpo Noodles and Mapo Tofu.

Sunday 2 May

Sunday 9.45am

Luke's Famous Fried Eggs From Cream Eastery with chorizo roasted red peppers and whipped feta.

Sunday 10.45am

Fennel and Goat Cheese Tartlettes and Magret et Foie Gras au Sel (Duck Breast and Fattened Liver in salt crust).

Sunday 11.45am

Exotic Middle Eastern chili-chocolate slab full of nuts, apricots, coffee & smoked seasalt. 

Sunday 1.00pm

A seafood delight of Kawhia Snapper and  Coromandel Mussels, teamed up with tarragon.

Sunday 2.00pm

Fresh New Zealand Fish Poached in Olive Oil and Served With A Delicious Crispy Flatbread.

Sunday 3.00pm

Learn to make this impressive pasta dish at home yourself, Pomodoro Seafood Medley Fettuccine.


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