30 April - May 2022

Lerryn Hawken

Unique food geeks

Lerryn 's grandfather was the inspiration that first got him keen on becoming a chef. He credits his grandfather who spent all weekend in the kitchen "cooking bad ass english food". It was also around the same time Jamie Oliver became famous and he wanted a job that involved passion and creativity.

After working in some of the best kitchens in the world and having success here in New Zealand, Lerryn paved his own path to discovering his unique style of food and share his knowledge with others.
As head chef and owner of Unique Food Geeks, he is passionate about healthy delicious meat, vegan and entirely gluten-free food creations.

Get to know Lerryn:

Favourite restaurant/or café in the Waikato to go out to:


Most underrated vegetable, cut of meat or seafood?


The kitchen utensil you can't live without?


If you didn’t become a chef what would you have been?


What is your one ingredient that is your staple?


Saturday night in with a movie, what is your comfort meal?

Anything i don't cook.

Where to see Lerryn:

Wholesome Hub

Saturday 9.30am

Perfectly edible food ends up in the bin, learn how to turn your scraps into a gourmet meal! 

Wholesome Hub

Sunday 11.45am

Lerryn Hawken & Andrew Clarke. Three mystery ingredients. Each with 20 minutes to prepare a winning dish. Who will win?

His advice to new cooks

"Dont be afraid to try anything."


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