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6 & 7 July 2024

Luke Houghton

Chef Cream Eatery

Luke grew up on the family dairy farm in rural Ngarua just out of Morrinsville. After leaving school at the end of his 6th form year, he moved to Hamilton to study Hospitality and Cookery at Wintec. 

After working in a bunch of restaurants in the Hamilton scene Luke and his wife and business partner opened Winner Winner Hamilton East, which went on to be sold to Burger Fuel International. 

After a stint of consulting to restaurant venues, Luke and his wife opened Cream Eatery in Garden Place.

Come see why 'Lukes Fried Eggs' have become a famous staple on the Cream Eatery menu. 

Get to know Luke:

Favourite restaurant/or café in the Waikato to go out to:

Mr Pickles and Furnace Steakhouse for a classic Scotch Fillet

Most underrated vegetable, cut of meat or seafood?

Doing a bit with the humble carrot lately.

The kitchen utensil you can't live without?


If you didn’t become a chef what would you have been?

Maybe Carpentry or something working with my hands. Maybe building motorcycles.

What is your one ingredient that is your staple?


Saturday night in with a movie, what is your comfort meal?

Probably a decent Curry.

Where to see Luke:

Heathcotes Kitchen Theatre

Sunday 9.45am

Luke's Famous Fried Eggs From Cream Eastery with chorizo roasted red peppers and whipped feta.

His advice to new cooks

"Get stuck in and work hard."